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Genilabs expertise covers the following areas:

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Quality assurance

We define quality as follows: "Quality is the totality of features and characteristics of a software product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs of our customer". In other words, at Genilabs, quality is all about satisfying the customer.

Quality assurance covers all activities within the project, from design and development through to production integration and include Quality Control and Quality Management.

Quality Control

Quality control is a set of techniques that are used to fulfil the requirements for quality throughout a project and includes Configuration Management and Quality Management. Quality control activities are aimed at both monitoring a process and eliminating causes of unsatisfactory performance at relevant stages of the quality loop.

A Quality Plan is used to set out the specific quality practices, resources and sequence of events relevant to a particular project. The Quality Plan outlines the purpose of the project, roles and responsibilities within the project, project management overview, life cycle management, documentation produced by the project and how quality will be tested and checked throughout the life cycle using tools such as Audits, Inspections and Walkthroughs. The Quality plan will also specify how change management is handled and how code control is handled.

Quality Management

Quality Management includes strategic planning, allocation of resources and other systematic activities for quality such as quality planning, operations and evaluations.

Genilabs is committed to the provision of quality software products and full range of IT services.