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Offshore programming

We're sure that you're well aware of all the pros and cons of offshore development. If you have never gone offshore for your development needs, we urge you to consider it. If you already did, we hope that working with Genilabs would be a great chance for you to diversify and extend your foreign relationships.

Genilabs is well positioned to provide wide expertise in offshore software development and access to a larger offshore labor pool and skill set through their own software development center in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Russia consistently produces some of the world's best computer engineers. Examples of Russia's continued excellence in computer programming has been regularly shown at the IBM sponsored International Collegiate Programming competition. This competition pits of college level programmers from around the world, including MIT, Berkley and Harvard. The reason behind Russia consistent excellence in programming is Russia's intense educational system for mathematics and computer science. Universities first train programmers as mathematicians and logicians. Rather than simply learning how to write rote commands, Russian programmers learn how to solve problems.

We're currently looking to establish long-term relationships with firms in the software development industry field where we could provide:

  • Superior quality offshore developers with experience in numerous technologies and platforms (All our experts have high level mathematical educations and years of professional programming experience)
  • European management with highest level of quality control and professionalism
  • Timely delivery of projects based on our western well-defined approach to software engineering
  • Local presence in West Europe and variety of development models
  • Compelling value proposition (average rate is €20 per hour)

Genilabs wants to be your offshore software development partner!

We can help you with your current and custom development needs at the fraction of your current costs. Working with us you will experience all benefits of outsourcing because we provide a higher level of programmers, at a much lower cost while still maintaining the highest standards of service and reliability.