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What we do

Genilabs expertise covers the following areas:

Company profile

Genilabs is a leading technology consulting firm focused on delivering tangible business results to small and medium-sized businesses by providing them with complete IT solutions and full range of IT services. With a strong understanding of business combined with the fundamental and practical knowledge of a number of platforms, technologies, outsourcing methodologies we is in a solid position to design and implement a comprehensive, competitive solution to meet your needs.

Genilabs mission is to be a leader in business IT consulting and servicing by providing our clients with complete IT solutions and full range of IT services that help them become more successful.

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Genilabs' expert staff deal with most modern, major software platforms, with a focus on Microsoft .NET and J2EE.

We have huge experience in application development for various platforms using a variety of tools and environments.

Our core area of technologies:

Offshore programming

We're sure that you're well aware of all the pros and cons of offshore development. If you have never gone offshore for your development needs, we urge you to consider it. If you already did, we hope that working with Genilabs would be a great chance for you to diversify and extend your foreign relationships.

Genilabs is well positioned to provide wide expertise in offshore software development and access to a larger offshore labor pool and skill set through their own software development center, situated in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

AJAX demo

Are you annoying by multiple slow reloads of the pages of your online-catalogue? We offer you the advanced solution based on the AJAX-technology.

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